18th Party

18th Birthday Parties

World Series Paintball

World Series Paintball has 2 great locations for you to celebrate your big milestone at. Oakleigh is a massive indoor center in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne and Little River is an outdoor center in the Western suburbs of Melbourne

The 18th Birthday is a very significant year for a Victorian as you’re finally qualify to get your driver’s license that you are proudly allowed to show the bouncer on the door of a night club to get in so you can pay over inflated prices the bar charges for a drink. Saying that it’s a great time in your life however….

As for a party it’s not just about going out and shouting the bar. You’ll have plenty of time for that later in life.

A great 18th Birthday celebration is one where you can have a great laugh and memorable time with your best mates. Imagine choosing a party that will be talked about for years to come with stories about who destroyed who (follow our tact “never let the truth stand in the way of a good story”). A Party that your mates say they want to do the exact same party. Enter World Series Paintball and you will get not only awesome value but an event that your friends will talk about for ages.

What is Paintball? Paintball is an adrenalin sport which requires more than just speed, agility, strength and good hand eye co-ordination, you need some good old fashioned “GUTS ‘N’ DETERMINATION”. During paintball you will need a great deal of tactical thinking while staying cool headed and in control. You will experience joy and euphoria from victory as well as disappointment, when you find out how easy it can be to lose. But one thing is certain – you will never forget your Birthday moments spent playing Paintball at World Series Paintball.

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