About Us

World Series Paintball is Victoria's Premium Paintball Network with 2 paintball locations offering both traditional adult paintball and low impact kids paintball (splatball). We aim to provide our customers with the best paintball experience in Australia - that means providing our customers with the best fields, at the best value, and of course the best service.

Over the past 15 years World Series Paintball has been at the forefront of developing the paintball industry within Australia, and has taken a leading role in making paintball the fastest growing extreme sport in Australia.

Our method is simple - provide players with a great time and they will come back to play again and again. Let’s face it, once they have experienced the paintball rush why wouldn’t they come back. “Paintball is the most fun you can have whilst standing up.” And if you disagree with that statement then maybe you will find this statement to be more true “Paintball is the most fun you can have whilst standing up, holding a paintball marker shooting little balls of paint at your friends contained in a field.” Either way Paintball is awesome fun!!

If you want to play Paintball then visit our location guide, find the field you want to play at then fire us off a booking email or simply give us a call on 1300 66 16 50 to find out about availability.

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