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Paintball Epping Fields

Epping World Series Paintball has 4 themed playing fields that will have you doing battle in various scenarios during your 3.5 hour session. All games are conducted by fully Qualified Referees who explain the game scenarios and mission objectives, umpire the games and assist with ensuring everyone knows how to use the paintball guns properly.

The Village
The Village 1
The Village  2
The Village 3
The Village 4

The Village offers the classic street war situation as you do battle against rival gangs for drugs, money and territory.

The Fort
The Fort 1
The Fort 2
The Fort 3
The Fort 4

To storm the Fort you will require team work and a well thought out strategy. Will you blast through the front entrance or sneak around the bank and out flank your enemy?

The Castles
The Castle 1
The Castle 2
The Castle 3
The Castle 4

Can your team expand their territory and capture your enemies castles? If you can expand your territory will you have the man power and team work to hold your new found castles?

The Junkyard
Junkyard 1
Junkyard 2
Junkyard 3
Junkyard 4

Do battle in a maze of old barrels, spare tyres, and construction debris on our Junk Yard. With a heap of obstacles providing cover you can get past your enemy and attack them from all directions!