Bucks Paintball Events

Bucks Parties

3 Great Melbourne Locations

Oakleigh | Epping | Little River

bucks Bonus Paintball
300 Free Paintballs for the Buck
Save $45
(10+ players to qualify)
Bucks Party Prices
3.5 Hour Session
Gear Hire
(Gun, Face Mask, Battle Pack, Overalls)
Starter Pack
200 Paintballs
600 Paintballs
            + Upgrade Gun
1,000 Paintballs
            + Upgrade Gun
Need More Ammo?
100 Extra Paintballs
Melbourne Party Venues
OAKLEIGH - 4 Themed Fields
EPPING - 4 Themed Fields
LITTLE RIVER - 6 Themed Fields
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Number Players:
  1. Oakleigh
  2. Epping
  3. Little River
Open 7 Days
bucks paintball
Buck 300
Free Balls
Special Buck Games

Specialised Buck Games are designed to make the Buck feel special and ensure he is a focal point of the days experience. Our games do vary between Oakleigh and Little River however a selection of our Buck games are below.

Protect the VIP

The Buck is the VIP and his life must be protected at all cost. With a Team of Body Guards on hand the game ends once the Buck is eliminated.

The Buck Run

The group forms a Firing Squad and the Buck is chellenged to run the length of the field. Then the tables are turned and it is the Bucks turn to get payback on the rest of the group.

Super Buck

The Buck has Super Powers to revive eliminated players. So the oposition need to focus their aim on the Super Buck to be a chance of success.

Rescue the Bride

The Bride has been kidnapped and held hostage. Can the Buck rescue her before it is too late.

Dress Him Up

Most importantly the Buck needs to stand out at all times. We have Pink Suits and Face Mask to make the Buck clearly visible at all times. You are also welcome to have some fun and bring your own outfit along for him to ensure he is suitably embarrassed.

Bucks Party Paintball 1
Bucks Party Paintball 3
Bucks Party Paintball 2
Bucks Party Paintball 4
Bucks Pink Outfit To ensure the Buck will be easily identifiable at all times we will fit them out with:

Pink Target Overalls

Face Mask

Buck plays free Bring a 10+ Players & the Buck Receives

300 Paintballs

For Free!

3 Locations